<3 My Self-Love List <3

And away we go……

1)      Exercise/Working out – WAAAAIT, don’t leave yet! I know I know, mums used to say this to us all the time and I was one of those girls who used to roll their eyes SO hard I am surprised that I didn’t go blind BUT it does work. I realised that I like going to the gym and going HARD, I also like classes. Some of you might be the more yoga loving type and that is also fucking awesome but whatever you do, moving around, helps! Try it and if it doesn’t, I shall personally supply you with a box of your favourite chocolates

2)      Chocolate – That leads me nicely into number 2 on my “self-love” list. CHOCOLATE. C’mon there was a film about it! (Right?)  I wouldn’t recommend this always or to those of you who have medical conditions BUT a little bit of chocolate goes a long way! Whenever I feel like shite, I always find myself reaching towards the fridge for a little pick me up and for me it has to be a little as I am allergic to dairy! (FUCKER!) That being said dairy free chocolate isn’t that bad. Check out the M&S range.

3)      SLEEP – What’s the quote? When it all seems to be going to shit, go to sleep. I paraphrased 😀 but yes, sleep is very important and yes, too much can be as bad as too little. I think it is important to establish how much sleep you need and make sure you get that much sleep.

4)      A routine –  Jesus I swear I am naming all the things my mum made me do when I was little. Fuck, mums are always right, aren’t they?! God damn it…anyway, for me what I have realised is that having a routine and knowing what I am doing and when I am doing it, really helps me to keep my mental health in check and that in turn helps me love myself, because when I feel good I feel more apt at being able to take care and be kind to myself.

5)      Music – If I had a penny for the amount of times I have been able to turn my mood around in an instant just by turning on my Ipod or putting on Youtube , I’d be rolling in it! It really is true what they say, music does affect your mind. So if you are feeling glum put on some kick ass dance tunes and work it out OR whack on a soul ballad and make Mariah Carey jealous of your vocal talent.

6)      Comedy programmes – Laughter is the best medicine. I don’t often laugh at comedy shows out loud but I do often crack a few smiles and even doing that makes me feel good.

7)      Friends or Family – Self-explanatory. TALK IT OUT BITCHESSS (I use the word “bitches” as a term of endearment”)

8)      CRY – This seems like something that shouldn’t be on a self-love list but let me tell you, as someone who used to cry A LOT and now struggles to cry, it is so cathartic and really helps you to relieve stress. I suggest using number 5 with number 8 followed by number 2 then number 3 to really hit the spot.

9)      Write it down – Journal stuff, type it out or just pen and paper it. Whatever you do, just get it out of your head and put it on paper. Sometimes I read whatever I have written back cos it helps me work out what I was thinking and other times I just rip it up. Choice is yours – burning it is an option too BUT remember to be safe, I don’t wanna see any singed eyebrows, okay?!

10)   Allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling – I hate this one because I have always struggled with it. I have always had to have a reason as to why I felt angry or sad so then I could fix it but sometimes the answer wasn’t always readily available or there was no fix. So, I was left to just sit with my feelings and I battled them every step of the way. It made things so much harder! So, what I am trying (and recently have failed at – I’m not going to lie) to do is just let things be and go with the flow. In the words of that dude, what-his-face, I wanna say Shakespeare?—–  “This too shall pass”

11)   Speak to a professional – I myself have been to many counsellors for more specialised therapy and I have to say as much as it sucks and it does, really hard, a good therapist always helps you to work through the nasty stuff you have been repressing. It is not easy and takes a lot of time – I really thought I had my nasty shit locked down up until last week when I had a horrible, agonising but ultimately clarifying break through regarding my past. So, if you are going through counselling and are hating it – stick with it! That means it is working!

12)   Don’t beat yourself up – I am not going to lie, I haven’t managed to do this one yet. So I’m leaving this blank for now but I guess I would say…don’t give up? Practice makes better? I like saying that (I totally stole it from the new show on Netflix called Atypical) because I don’t believe in perfect – it doesn’t exist. I just want to do better than I did yesterday


I know there is a lot more I could add and I will be adding the somewhat quick fixes soon but for now I think I should stop and try to do some of these things. After the tumultuous time I have had I think I deserve a little TLC.

Much love, Bitches ❤

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Just some ramblings from ME - a "crazy" yet happy lady living with mental health and trying to navigate my way through this weird thing called Life.

4 thoughts on “<3 My Self-Love List <3”

  1. Love this! Like the chocolate idea and not to beat yourself up too much. when I’ve had one of my bad days I think it’s important to treat yourself (in moderation obvs because I’m not made of money). A little pick me up. Something cheap – like going round the shop and buying my favourite meal for dinner. Like it doesn’t have to cost anything?! And walking helps loads. Blast out some songs with my headphones on and power walk it off .

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  2. It’s a great list x X – I love exercise, it really has a massive load of benefits and the endorphins are fab natural mood booster!
    I have found learning a new subject and working towards a qualification has helped my mental health, improved confidence and self esteem and is a real buzz to gain knowledge and use it!

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