Shrina: 1, Workplace NONSENSE: 0

Aloha Crazy Happy People!

I come bearing good news which initially started out as god awful news – which proves the statement “every dark cloud has a silver lining” to be somewhat true.

So today was a big day for me. I don’t know if I mentioned it to you all or not (I talk A LOT so I can barely keep up with what I’ve said!) but I had a bit of an unfortunate incident at my current place of work which led to me stopping work altogether. The situation wasn’t handled well and it accumulated to me having a pretty substantial mental health breakdown. Anyway, fast forward 2 months later and today I had a meeting with a higher up from said company and it was here that I put across my views on how the situation was handled and what I want to happen going forward.

For legal reasons I can’t go into much detail with what was said but I can say that for the first time in my entire life I finally managed to stand up for myself.

In my opinion, I feel it is important to be forthcoming about your mental illness with your employer and it’s only by being honest with ourselves and accepting of ourselves as we are that we can continue to invoke change in workplaces.

I am very open (as you have seen and heard) about my life but I still have difficulty navigating professional and romantic relationships. I often wonder if I should keep everything that’s happened to me a secret because a lot of people find it hard to digest and I have often been ostracised because of my experiences.

I hope you all know that I never mean to offend when I speak about my life. I only ever want to share and encourage others to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and our mental health struggles in life are not the things that define us.

I’d be lying if I said that I never get embarrassed about my life experiences especially surrounding work because it is something I am insecure about but by acknowledging that fear, it has helped me to become more accepting of it AND myself. It’s okay that I have had a lot of difficulty holding down a job and it’s okay that I’m struggle to understand the subtle nuances in both workplace and romantic relationships.

Those struggles that I have do not make me less important. I am not defined by my struggles but rather the path I take to overcome them.

So after today I decided to make a change. I am no longer going to be ashamed of the things I have yet to achieve or the things I struggle with but instead be proud of what I have achieved and overcome and be grateful for the opportunity I have to achieve more both within my personal life and my professional life.

I want to invite you all to do the same and let’s together love ourselves and be proud of ourselves no matter what we do in life, the way we were always meant to.

Sending lots and lots of love your way and remember, be crazy – stay happy!

Shrin xoxo

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Just some ramblings from ME - a "crazy" yet happy lady living with mental health and trying to navigate my way through this weird thing called Life.

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