Surrendering to the Present

“Surrender and everything that was, is and is yet to be will make itself known to you” – Me

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted, recorded, blogged, whatever-ed and the reason for that is….







Well, I do and I don’t. I write about stuff that happens in my life and a lot has happened but nothing I felt that would be pertinent to my own self-development overly. I’m recovering from yet another operation but that seems to be normal for me as of late so I felt that it wasn’t worth divulging into it. Some great things (travelling plans and studying plans) and not so great things (endings) have also happened but I haven’t felt the need to share them because….I dunno?

I felt, like, sometimes, as much as I want to be an open book, it is important to take stock of what’s happening around you and be still with it as opposed to dissecting it every second.

I’ve been being STILL a lot lately. Sitting with odd feelings of feeling stagnant but not in a murky swamp way but more of a crystal clear lake way.

Being still has allowed me to become more observant of my thoughts as opposed to attaching to them. I’ve noticed that my emotions ebb and flow and by noticing them with no judgement allows me to really appreciate them and allow myself to feel them and let them go with so much more ease.

I have always had trouble with surrendering to the present moment and allowing myself to just be. I constantly fought it at every turn which left me ultimately feeling disconnected with myself and almost like I was missing something and true to form, because I felt I was missing something, I went on a furious search to find something.

Something that I didn’t need. Something that didn’t exist.

It’s funny.

When you surrender to how you are in the present moment, things appear to be found, things that otherwise wouldn’t have been seen in your hurrying journey to find them.

So if you see me looking as if I’m letting the world and its opportunities pass me by, don’t worry – I’m not.

I’m letting them come to me ✌🏽💜

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Just some ramblings from ME - a "crazy" yet happy lady living with mental health and trying to navigate my way through this weird thing called Life.

2 thoughts on “Surrendering to the Present”

  1. Wonderful blog and so necessary to be just authentically you. Even in the uncertainty and figuring it out stages. Sending you love and wishing you greater clarity in your stillness 💕💕💕

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