Take 1 of a million…


I’m having dramas uploading the vlog if you can’t already tell

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#caniaskyousomething Vlog

Hey guys

I know I disappeared for a while, don’t ask…all I can say is shit hit the fan over the last few weeks but I’m back (ish) and ready to keep this going.

An old friend of mine gave me the push I needed not to give up on something that gave me such a positive release and was helping so many other people so, I’m up and running again.

I will go into what happened when the time is right but right now I think it’s better for me to focus on the positives and this vlog is definitely one of them.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their questions to me and there will be another video coming shortly with the rest of the questions answered

Much love ❤️✌🏽