What is the Crazy Happy Philosophy?

The Crazy Happy Philosophy is simply a philosophy which helps you become the best version of yourself and helps you live your best life through self exploration and the spreading of love and positivity to all. 

How did this philosophy come about?

This philosophy was actually a gradual realisation. I was laying in bed one evening (where all my best work takes place!) and after discussing the RAK project with a friend I realised what I was actually doing without intending to was spread around a sort of ethos or philosophy. So it actually was birthed pretty organically 

How does it work? 

The way it works is pretty simple. It all starts with YOU. Somewhere along the line we lost touch with ourselves and by losing touch we began to become so lost and disconnected. Some of us are slowly waking up to this by experiencing feelings of angst, sadness, the feeling of not belonging and we tried to look for answers. We look for answers in books, other people, relationships, friends, alcohol, drugs, work and a whole other load of things. What this philosophy does it helps you discover the answers to what you are looking for by looking within yourself. 

What do I need to do?

Now this is the fun bit – you need to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! I know you must be thinking: “what?! Surely to achieve something I need to proactively DO something?” But no. What you need to do is nothing – there is nothing you NEED to do in this exact moment in time. You need to just let it be. I know this is probably an alien concept and you may even think that I have no clue what this girl is on about but trust me when I say it will click into place. Your soul already knows the answers and the way and your job now is to let it be so the soul (with the help of the universe) can lead the way. You’re probably wondering what you can do to speed this process along in order to find the answers and get some inner peace, well there’s good news and bad news  in regards to that. The bad news is that you will move forward in a pace that works best for you – you can’t rush the journey no matter how hard you try. The good news, however, you can do certain things to help raise your vibrations and help you uncover what you need. 

Great what are those?

There really is no one way because what works for one person won’t work for another. It is a matter of trial and error but here is where the philosophy comes in. The philosophy is all about YOU. By keeping the thought and intention of wanting to live your best life in your heart, mind and soul – you will be guided or attracted to things that resonate with you. You may find rekhi healing, gong baths or homeopathic remedies work for you or perhaps meditation, reading or helping others. These are all avenues available to you which I am aiming to help sign post you to the best of the best to help you start your journey towards living your best life

Is there anything I can do right now? 

Yes there is – the RAK project which I set up with a friend is a way for us to give some good energy back into the universe and what you give out you receive. Should you wish to, you are welcome to print these premade cards and give them out and help raise your vibration within the universe. All we ask for you to post each card with the intention of giving out unconditional love to those who receive it. 

Please click on the RAK tab for more info on how you can join the project 

Random Acts of Kindness