Random Acts of Kindness

The Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Project, is all about sending positivity out into the universe! We’d love to hear about the little things you’ve done to make someone else smile. Did you pay for a strangers parking ticket, help a lady carry her groceries, find and return someone’s wallet or give a little of your time so that a lonely old man had some company? We’d love to hear and share your stories and photos so feel free to email them to CrazyHappyPhilosophy@gmail.com

If you haven’t got a story to share, why not print out and send positive messages of love and support to others like the “For You” leaflet we have here.

This project is about kindness, therefore we will ensure that only positive vibes are spread through our social media platform. Please respect our wishes by making sure the leaflets you send out speak only of positivity and love.

DISCLAIMER: The Crazy Happy Lady, The Philosophy & RAK Project does not take responsibility or liability for the decoration added to the “For You” leaflet which includes but is not limited to defamations of character, gender, race, sexual orientations and any other aspect regarding to the individual and collective public. This also includes any offensive rhetoric used to promote or influence any and all hate crimes.